It is characterised by its high level of knowledge and experience and is a reference in the Spanish market.

Services line

The Services line which is made up by DF Operaciones y Montajes and DF Mompresa specializes in various disciplines related to the construction, assembly, commissioning, operation and maintenance of power generation and other industrial installations, and is one of the largest companies in this field on the Spanish market, with long-term experience and an increasing international presence.

DF also is a turnkey contractor for biomass and cogeneration plants, pellet plants, smart warehouses, as well as providing the construction, assembly, operation and maintenance of wind farms.

The main guarantees that DF provides in the services field for power generation and industrial facilities are a team of professionals that are highly specialized in all the areas that the services field requires and a constant effort in the specialized training of its workers.

DF Operaciones y Montajes (DFOM)

DF Operaciones y Montajes (DFOM) is a subsidiary of the DF Group which has integrated by absorption the companies Felguera Montajes y Mantenimiento (FMM), Felguera Revestimientos (Feresa), Operaciones y Mantenimiento (Opemasa) and Montajes Eléctricos Industriales (MEI).

DFOM is part of the Specialised Services segment and encompasses electromechanical assembly, thermal, cryogenic and acoustic insulation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of power generation plants and industrial facilities.



Assembly and inspection of turbogenerators

The leading company in construction, revision and overhaul of turbines, generators and auxiliary equipment at power generation facilities, as well as rotating equipment for all types of industries.

The company has worked on over 90% of all the steam turbines at power generation facilities in Spain and on many other installations in Europe and Latin America. With over 500 contracts in the last 25 years, it can currently carry out 30 interventions per year.

DF Mompresa has a training centre that uses real equipment, including a complete 160 MW steam turbine, which means situations and complex interventions can be reproduced and real cases can be recreated.

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DF Mompresa, awarded at the GE Gas Power Summit Europe 2023

DF Mompresa has been awarded by the US multinational General Electric for the outstanding work carried out by its personnel in the different jobs it is carrying out for the company. In addition, the excellent safety and quality standards, as well as the efficiency in cutting the execution schedules of its projects are other outstanding factors of this recognition.



    AddressParque Científico Tecnológico
    C/ Ada Byron, 90
    33203 Gijón, Asturias (Spain)
    Telephone+34 985199000

    Address Parque Científico Tecnológico C/ Ada Byron, 90 33203 Gijón, Asturias (Spain)
    Telephone +34 985679850 +34 985179505