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Successful completion of the Repsol Química shutdown in Tarragona

We have completed our work on the major shutdown of Repsol Química in Tarragona, with 60,000 hours carried out in 50 days of shutdown with 24-hour work, with no reportable safety incidents and with more than 150 people who have worked tirelessly to achieve the objective set by our client.

Takeover, syndication agreement and registration in the commercial register

On 26 February, two relevant information for Duro Felguera were communicated through the CNMV. The first, the notification of the takeover and the syndication agreement signed by Prodi and Mota-Engil Mexico to jointly define the management of the company, of which they own 54.66% of the capital.

In the second, the company has reported on the registration in the Commercial Registry of Asturias of the two public deeds of execution of the Capital Increase with Rights and the Increase by Capitalisation of Debt granted on 22 February 2024, in accordance with article 508.2 of the Capital Companies Act.

EDP and Corporación Masaveu award Duro Felguera the Aboño gas conversion project

EDP and Corporación Masaveu have decided to award Duro Felguera the project for the conversion to natural gas and hydrogen of group 2 of the Aboño thermal power plant, a decision which, as the clients themselves have highlighted in a press release, is due to “the technical solvency and proven experience of Duro Felguera in the development of energy projects”.

Celebrating our 166th birthday

22nd February 2024. Today Duro Felguera is 166 years old.

We have been in the market for 166 years. 166 years proving that we can overcome any challenge; 166 years of passion for things well done, committed to innovation and quality; 166 years turning great ideas into reality, pioneering the future. And now we are transforming ourselves to be a renewed and sustainable company that powers a sustainable world. Thank you to all those who today, or at some other time in our history, are part of the exciting journey of #DuroFelguera.

Duro Felguera joins the UN Global Compact

Duro Felguera has recently joined the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. It is currently made up of more than 21,000 entities in more than 160 countries.