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Duro Felguera joins the UN Global Compact

Duro Felguera has recently joined the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. It is currently made up of more than 21,000 entities in more than 160 countries.

DF Mompresa advances in its work on the Torrejón hydroelectric power plant

DF Mompresa, a subsidiary of Duro Felguera specialising in the assembly and overhaul of turbogenerators and auxiliary equipment in power generation plants, is making progress in the work it is performing for Iberdrola at the Torrejón hydroelectric plant, consisting of the dismantling of two of turbogroups and their replacement with new machines, including commissioning. The dismantling of the first group has already been completed and machining is being carried out to allow the assembly of the new turbogenerators.

Duro Felguera receives the order from Romgaz to start the works at Iernut

The CEO, Jaime Argüelles, has expressed his satisfaction for this milestone, which is a success and highlights the good management of the company.

On 1st August 2023, Duro Felguera received the order from the Romanian company Romgaz to start work on the Iernut combined cycle power plant, once the necessary preliminary steps had been completed following the agreements reached last May.

Generating NH3 marine fuel through floating renewable energy

The BAHÍA H2 OFFSHORE project, which will be located in the public domain of the Santander Port Authority, focuses on the development of an innovative solution, which proposes the production of renewable hydrogen and its conversion to green ammonia from offshore renewable energies; all this on a barge where production is carried out in situ and what is transported to land is the green ammonia generated, combining all the processes in the same space and optimising the occupation of the marine space as much as possible, as well as greater ease of maintenance.

Duro Felguera produces 26 tanks for the Olefins Expansion project (Poland)

Duro Felguera participates in PKN Orlen’s Olefins Expansion project with a relevant contract for the design, engineering, supply, prefabrication, transport to the site and assembly of 26 process tanks for the Plock refinery. Duro Felguera Energy Storage, Duro Felguera Energy Storage, a subsidiary specialised in the execution of turnkey storage projects in different types of facilities for the Oil & Gas sector, among others, is in charge of the works.