Renewable energies

Duro Felguera's renewable energy division consolidates our company’s commitment to sustainability and the environment. We promote green energies and respond to the growing demand for alternatives to the conventional energy sector.

DF is green

Our accumulated experience as an EPC contractor for power generation plants allows our company to provide high added value solutions throughout the value chain of renewable energy and the green hydrogen sector.


DF Green Tech has high capabilities in the EPC (turnkey construction) of projects:

Photovoltaic and solar thermal plants

EPC construction. O&M. Project development

Onshore Wind Farms

EPC BOP. Electromechanical assembly. O&M.

Offshore Wind Farms

Electromechanical assembly. O&M. Structural fabrication.

Biogas & Biofuels

EPC construction. O&M.

Hydro & Wave Power

EPC construction. O&M. Electromechanical assembly of Turbines and Auxiliaries. Assembly of penstock.

Biomass, Geothermal and Energy recovery

EPC construction. O&M. Turbine and boiler electromechanical assembly.