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Social Capital

27 June 2019 Grouping of shares Grouping and cancellation of shares to exchange for newly issued shares in the proportion of one new share for each 50 old shares, raising the face value of the shares from €0.001 to €0.05, with no modification to the amount of social capital. 4,800,000 €
24 June 2019 Capital reductionReduction of the capital by means of lowering the face value of all the shares in the company to a face value of € 0.001 per share. 4,800,000 €
27 July 2018Capital increase Capital increase of 46,560,000 Euros, by means of issuing 4,656,000,000 new shares with a value of 0.01 Euros each and an issue premium of 0.017 Euros.48,000,000 €
27 June 2018Capital reduction Reduction of the social capital by lowering the face value of the shares to a face value of 0.01 Euros per share.1,440,000 €
27 June 2018Capital reduction The social capital was reduced by amortizing all the Companys treasury stock (16,000,000 shares) for a total amount of eight million Euros.72,000,000 €
5 October 2010Capital increase The social capital was increased against the reserves, by the amount of €30,000,000, by issuing 60,000,000 new shares. 80,000,000 €
16 June 2010 Capital reduction The social capital was reduced by €1,008,300.50, by amortizing 2,016,601 shares in the treasury stock. 50,000,000 €
9 November 2006 Capital increase The capital was increased by €6,376,037.50 by issuing 12,752,075 new shares of free allocation against Reserves.51,008,300.5 €
20 June 2006
Split in the face value of the shares
The face value of the shares was split without changing the amount of social capital, from a face value of €3.00 to €0.50 per share. 44,632,263 €
12 August 1999Capital increaseThe capital was increased by €164,127 by issuing 54,709 new shares by converting bonds.44,632,263 €
9 February 1999Capital increaseThe capital was increased by €259,601.17 by issuing 86,288 new shares by converting bonds.44,466,956 €
5 August 1998Capital increaseThe capital was increased by €7,785,895.45 by issuing 2,590,928 new shares from convertible bonds.44,207,355 €

The 2023 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders will be held on 27 June

The Board of Directors of Duro Felguera, S.A. (the “Company”) at its meeting held on 23 May 2023, resolved to call the Ordinary General Meeting of the Company to be held on 26 June 2023, at 12:00 noon on first call, at the Palacio de Congresos del Recinto Ferial Luis Adaro, Paseo Dr. Fleming, 481. 33203, Gijón, and on second call, on the following day, 27 June 2023, at the same place and time.

Romgaz contracts Duro Felguera to complete Iernut’s combined cycle power plant

Duro Felguera has signed two agreements with the Romanian natural gas and electricity producer Romgaz for the finalisation of the works at the Iernut combined cycle power plant. Work is expected to start in the second quarter of this year. The company thus complies with what was stated in the IRR of 20 June 2021, registration number 10105, in which Duro Felguera expressed its willingness to complete the full execution of the works, in accordance with its guideline of successfully completing the projects, within the framework of a firm commitment to its customers and the provision of valuable solutions.