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Professional solutions in communications and security systems

Professional services

We specialise in the design and implementation of communications and security engineering solutions to protect critical infrastructures with the highest levels of classification and information protection.

We have a team with solid knowledge in cryptography and information protection. Our project managers and technical staff have extensive experience in the management and implementation of projects for the provision and implementation of critical infrastructure security.

What we do

Professional services and solutions

We offer turnkey security solutions based on top level products endorsed by the National Cryptologic Centre CCN-CERT.

Assessment of the client's security needs

Requirements specification for new systems

Customisation of market solutions to customer needs

Business development

Consultancy and technical advice

Solution engineering and design

Integration project management

Supply and integration of project elements

Validation, integration and acceptance testing

Training, documentation and technical support

Technical assistance and maintenance


Technological solutions

Critical infrastructure, like the rest of the industry, needs transversal services such as communications, voice, surveillance, energy efficiency… as well as intelligent digitalisation and management of buildings. DF Digital Security integrates solutions already proven in IT environments into the OT (industrial) world, always maintaining the objective of cybersecurity throughout the engineering process.

The aim is to optimise facilities and services with the lowest possible environmental impact.

IT Engineering

Complete IT services implementation project within the plant or infrastructure, maintaining the necessary cybersecurity standards to protect the different assets.

Communications and data

Infrastructures often have machines with different protocols, many of them old. These systems must coexist with new equipment and current protocols, as well as allowing access to remote equipment or nodes. Unified network management with a cyber-secure vision is needed to allow all elements to coexist in the simplest possible way for users and operators.

Voice systems

Users and operators must be able to talk to each other and to the outside world, so full integration of traditional voice and IP with mobile telephony, radio, satellite, public address, intercom or other systems is necessary for them to operate in a unique and coordinated way.

Infrastructure control and management

An infrastructure has many sensors necessary for its operation, both those of its own machines and those of its own operation, such as temperature, pressure, gases, etc. In addition, there are additional services such as air conditioning, cameras, access, barriers, etc.

All these heterogeneous systems must be integrated for centralised and secure management, allowing remote access under applicable cybersecurity regulations.


A cross-cutting concept

IT technology has become a fundamental part of the industry’s infrastructure, becoming critical to its operation and the availability of production. Both communications and digital control of the entire infrastructure are carried out using different technologies and media, most notably the Internet. But the Internet can also be an entry point for ramsonware attacks that threaten the physical integrity of the infrastructure as well as the availability of its production. The integration of the IT networkwith the production network has interconnected areas that were traditionally isolated, creating new challenges for cybersecurity.

DF Digital Security has extensive experience in complete cybersecurity projects for critical infrastructures. With complete control of the entire life cycle of the project, a design focused on the security of the infrastructure is carried out from the very beginning, applying current legislation and the latest best practices recommended by organisations and manufacturers. The cybersecurity vision is applied in the rest of the project phases, such as the capture of requirements, design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

Secure infrastructure engineering

The IEC62443 best practice guide, as well as the NIST framework, provide a framework for the design of the secure communications architecture of critical infrastructure, as well as its relationship with the outside world via the Internet or other means.

Cybersecurity training

Operator negligence or bad faith is one of the main sources of cyber-attacks on critical infrastructures, using USB drives, email attachments or inappropriate web browsing as attack vectors. The operator is the only non-automated element of a cybersecurity deployment, so training, and especially awareness, is required.

Preventive cybersecurity audits

In the same way that emergency drills and regular checks of physical security equipment are conducted, cybersecurity audits should be conducted to check the state of the infrastructure in the event of a cyber attack. This audit involves understanding the potential risks through vulnerability analysis, response testing and attack testing to see how reliable and fast the response to a cyber attack is.

Surveillance and monitoring

As part of the design process of a cyber-secure architecture, a Security Operation Centre monitors the integrity of the critical infrastructure 24x7. The different sensors identify attacks, false positives, the origin of the attacker and other control parameters. The aim of this permanent analysis is to anticipate the attack, be adaptive and take the appropriate measures.


DF Digital Security has a wealth of experience in projects in various sectors of activity, so we have in-depth knowledge of the different types of infrastructures and the solutions required for each one when applying cybersecurity engineering processes.

Energy generation

Duro Felguera is an international benchmark in the implementation of power generation plants. It has extensive experience in this sector and accumulated knowledge of the different disciplines and techniques required for this type of project. Its international character is marked by projects all over the world.

As an added value to its traditional work, it is developing innovative solutions on the IT side of power generation plants, such as the control of USB sticks used in system upgrade processes or information sharing within the plant.

Failure to control these devices may endanger plant operations as a source of entry for cyber attacks. To avoid this problem, we have accredited solutions that allow exhaustive and secure control of the devices connected to the production network.

Electrical infrastructures

With extensive experience, DF is a leading company in the design and commissioning of electrical infrastructures. In addition to the traditional power and control projects characteristic of this type of critical installations, DF Digital Security provides added value by ensuring the security of communications, especially remote access.

Access to remote substations for maintenance can be a source of problems if not properly protected. We have successful cases where CCN-accredited national encryptors have been used, which have enabled secure teleworking for grid operators.

SAICA PACK launches an automatic vertical warehouse at its new plant in Scotland, installed by Duro Felguera Logistic Systems

Saica Pack will improve its service to its customers, thanks to the fully automatic vertical storage system for corrugated board (WIP – work in progress), installed by Duro Felguera Logistic Systems, the business unit of Duro Felguera that specialises in the development of automatic storage systems. This project has been developed for the new state-of-the-art facility of Saica Pack, the division of the Saica Group specialising in corrugated cardboard packaging, in Livingston, Scotland. It is the first project that Duro Felguera has delivered in the United Kingdom.


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