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Commitment to safety and health

People, our priority

The Duro Felguera Group considers it a priority to ensure optimal working conditions in the area of occupational health and safety, making a constant effort in preventive actions that lead the company to achieve its ultimate goal in this area: to reduce to 0 the number of accidents in all its works and projects.

As a reflection of this commitment, the Company’s Board of Directors ensures the establishment of occupational risk prevention and health criteria based, among others, on the following principles:

• The prevention of occupational risks as a guarantee for the health and safety of personnel.
• Implementation, maintenance, review and continuous improvement of an Occupational Risk Prevention and Management System at Duro Felguera.
• Exercise by its professionals of their work activities in the best possible conditions for the worker and the environment in which they operate.
• Development of an effective training culture in the prevention of occupational hazards.

Following these criteria and principles, Duro Felguera continues to carry out actions that reinforce its firm commitment to excellence in occupational health and safety, promoting greater integration of the lines of command in all matters relating to prevention. The Company also promotes the supervision and monitoring of preventive actions in matters of occupational health and safety and promotes outreach and awareness-raising actions through a wide variety of publications.

Safety at the top of everything

Duro Felguera has created, approved and implemented a new Action Plan and Commitment to Safety in Duro Felguera Services to integrate preventive activity at all levels of the Organisation.