Duro Felguera | Cotización
18 November 2022

Safety at the top of everything

Duro Felguera has created, approved and implemented a new Action Plan and Commitment to Safety in Duro Felguera Services to integrate preventive activity at all levels of the Organisation.

The Plan, which covers all the centres and processes developed in this line of business, is structured in four blocks of action. It involves a significant reinforcement in the area of Occupational Risk Prevention, by strengthening the initial and periodic training of employees in this area and by integrating prevention activities in the chain of command and operators through an increase in regular inspections and proposals for improvement.

On the other hand, it focuses on improving the culture of preventive awareness, with the development of a system to encourage employee proactivity in this area, and the implementation of a procedure for the evaluation and continuous monitoring of professional training.

With the addition of these initiatives, Duro Felguera seeks to optimise safety in the working environment and reduce the risks associated with its activity, promoting the correction of unsafe acts and the safe and responsible behaviour of all staff, prioritising safety above all else.