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Duro Felguera is a global company based in Asturias. It was founded at the end of the 19th century with the first ironworks and the exploitation of coal, a period in which it was already the most important agent of industrialisation in Spain. Since then, innovation, talent and quality have been the driving forces behind its extraordinary development to become an international benchmark.

The company specialises in the full execution of EPC or turnkey projects and the provision of services in the energy and industrial sector.

It is structured into several business units: Conventional Energy, Renewable Energies and Green Hydrogen, Mining & handling, Oil & gas, Industrial Plants, Operation and Assembly Services, Digital Security and Logistic Systems. It also has its own workshops for the manufacture of capital goods.

Duro Felguera stands out for its excellent references and has developed important projects in various countries in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa and has the backing of the world’s leading technologists, such as General Electric, Alstom Power, Siemens, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Pratt & Whitney.

It maintains offices in the main countries of Latin America, Europe, Asia and North Africa. This provides the company with a stable structure close to the projects it executes, allowing it to manage them with full efficiency.

In Conventional Energy, Duro Felguera is dedicated to the complete execution of all types of electricity generation facilities, from gas turbine power plants to conventional thermal plants, including cogeneration, biomass and waste to energy plants, among others. It has nearly three decades of experience in this activity, with more than 26,000 MW of installed power.

The Renewables division has been created on the basis of the experience accumulated as an EPC builder. Its aim is to respond to the growing demand for energy alternatives and to provide solutions along the entire value chain of renewable energy and the green hydrogen sector.

This unit has high capabilities for the design and execution of turnkey projects for photovoltaic, solar thermal, on shore and off shore wind farms, biogas, biofuel, hydro, wave and geothermal power plants, as well as energy storage, molten salts, batteries, hydraulic pumping, adiabatic compressed air and ammonia.

In Mining & Handling, Duro Felguera develops, with its own technology and design, EPC projects with customised solutions. These are processing facilities for iron ore, gold, copper and others, as well as for bulk handling, mainly iron ore and all its derivatives, coal, cement, grain and sulphates.

DF Oil & Gas works for major international operators in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. It builds storage projects for hydrocarbons, liquefied gases and other products.

It also develops projects for Complex Industrial Plants in the iron and steel, chemical, cellulose and other sectors in general. In this field it offers extensive experience, proven capacity and the necessary means to carry out projects that include design, supply, construction, assembly and commissioning.

The company also has its own Capital Goods Manufacturing workshops in the subsidiary DF Calderería Pesada, located in the vicinity of the port of El Musel. There, pressure vessels of large dimensions and thicknesses, and of special materials and alloys, are manufactured. Very few plants in the world have similar capacities.

DF Calderería Pesada maintains strategic synergies with the rest of the group’s business units and is able to satisfy the most demanding market needs in the fields of Refining, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Nuclear, Energy, Liquefied Gas Storage, Iron and Steel, Hydrogen, Off-shore, On-shore, Wave Energy and others.

In parallel, assembly, commissioning, overhaul and maintenance are activities in which Duro Felguera maintains an important leadership position. They are carried out through DF Services, made up of the subsidiaries DF Operaciones y Montajes and DF Mompresa.

They are undisputed leaders in the sector, especially in the assembly and overhaul of turbines, generators and auxiliary equipment in power plants, at ctivities of electromechanical assemblies, thermal, cryogenic and acoustic insulation and commissioning, operation and maintenance of power generation plants and all types of industrial facilities.

The company is also active in the field of Logistic Systems, with integrated engineering, construction and software development solutions for automated warehouses, all with its own design and manufacture of equipment and software. In addition, through DF Digital Security, it is present, with outstanding results, in the market for advanced technological services related to digital security. In this area, it develops, manufactures and markets cryptographic applications and equipment for the physical and logical protection of information and critical communication systems and networks.