Oil & Gas

The execution of different types of turnkey projects for the Oil & Gas sector is one of DF's specialities.

Fuel storage

The company has carried out projects in many countries for the major multinational petrochemical companies with references in Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, Argentina and Jordan, among others.

Fuel storage is one the group’s main specialities thanks to the ample experience acquired in this field by its subsidiary Duro Felguera Energy Storage.

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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tanks

Vertical and spherical storage tanks

Hydrocarbon storage plants

Operation and Maintenance

Turnkey projects

Duro Felguera Energy Storage

Turnkey construction of fuel storage terminals, LNG storage tanks and storage equipment (spherical tanks, vertical cylindrical tanks, horizontal cylindrical tanks, refrigerated, semi-refrigerated and high temperature tanks).

Founded in 1962 as Felguera Stockage to meet the Spanish storage needs, currently present worldwide, Duro Felguera Energy Storage specializes in engineering, design, manufacture and the complete construction of terminals and individual (vertical, spherical or horizontal) storage equipment.

The company is visibly present in highly technological sectors like cryogenical tanks for LNG, high temperature tanks for the storage of molten salts in solar thermal power plants and the turnkey construction of storage terminals.

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Explaining our renewable hydrogen storage solutions

Duro Felguera is participating as a collaborating company in the course “hydrogen sustainable fuel” organised by the Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros de Minas del Noroeste de España, in Oviedo. Last Saturday, José Aurelio Suárez Devesa, responsible for Activation and Monitoring in Duro Felguera Energy Storage, was in charge of the presentation “Hydrogen and its storage”.


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