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Design of new welding processes for iron and steel industry equipment manufactured in Creusabro® and subject to highly abrasive conditions

The current trends involve designing diffusers used in blast furnaces using Creusabro® 4800 materials, mainly as a result of their high resistance to wear and abrasion. This is a new material in the iron and steel industry, since the materials used until now (mainly low-hardness ferrite type carbon steel) did not solve the problems associated with the wear to which equipment was subject.

DF Operaciones y Montajes considers that welding joints must be designed for CREUSABRO® materials without the application of PWHT, which will reduce the work execution and operation times and, as a result, the associated costs. The purpose of this is to acquire the know-how required to be competitive in manufacturing and assembling and installing this type of material.

Duro Felguera bets on young talent and joins Recruiting Erasmus programme

Duro Felguera has recently joined Recruiting Erasmus, an initiative led by PeopleMatters, a consultancy firm specialising in people management, which aims to facilitate contact between partner companies and Spanish and foreign students, whether through an Erasmus scholarship or another training programme, who want to make the leap into the professional world.