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28 December 2022

The Board of Duro Felguera approves a Sustainability Policy that reaffirms the Company’s commitment to ESG values

On 27 December 2022, the Board of Directors of Duro Felguera approved the group’s Sustainability Policy, replacing the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy in force to date. The new Policy, which expresses the Company’s constant commitment to compliance with sustainability regulations and the application of the highest recognised standards in its activity, must be understood as a fundamental tool of the Group’s activity, which is raised as a differentiating element and an example of sustainability. It is applicable to all employees and representatives of the Duro Felguera Group regardless of the company or country in which they are located.

Thus, based on the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations (SDGs), it establishes the following commitments:
– Reduce environmental impacts.
– Improve energy efficiency in the Group’s activities.
– Promote awareness of environmental protection.
– Ensuring Product Quality.
– Strengthen a Responsible Supply Chain.
– Ensure Health and Safety.
– Attract, retain and develop Human Capital.
– Contribute to the protection of Human Rights and Communities.
– Comply with applicable regulations in the countries and territories in which the Group operates and with public authorities.
– Ensure Responsible Corporate Governance.
– Promote Responsible Behaviour.
– Fiscal responsibility.
– A firm commitment to innovation.

In addition, the new Policy establishes the principles of action with stakeholders, understanding the following as relevant:
– Customer: The Duro Felguera Group provides technical support to make its customers’ projects a reality in order to achieve their satisfaction, respecting deadlines and ensuring their duration and reliability, in strict compliance with the applicable legal and contractual regulations.

– Shareholders: Maximising the investment of our shareholders is a priority, protecting their integrity and applying a management based on proximity and transparency.

– Administrations and Regulators: The objective is to establish adequate communication channels in all the countries where we develop our projects in order to carry out our activities while minimising environmental impact and always complying with the applicable legal requirements, developing and introducing the necessary initiatives and mechanisms to promote transparency of information and an appropriate control regime of the company.

– Society: We actively collaborate with the social variable, minimising the negative impact on it and always favouring the creation of employment and sustainable development.

– Suppliers and Subcontractors: We will ensure that all collaborators are aligned with the commitments established in this Policy, actively participating in the responsible supply chain and enriching our value chain by complying with all the principles established in the Code of Conduct.

– Employees: The well-being of the human capital that makes up the Duro Felguera Group will be ensured at all times, promoting continuous training and recognition of work through the establishment of appropriate communication channels to promote career advancement and job stability in a suitable health and safety environment at all sites.

– Media and other stakeholders: Transparent communication will be established to communicate all the positive impacts of our good work, always proactively meeting the expectations of these stakeholders.

The Sustainability Committee will monitor compliance with the commitments established and will periodically evaluate the situation and the achievement of the objectives set.

In this link you can access the complete document: Sustainability Policy of the Duro Felguera Group.