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Roy Hill Iron Ore Project


Pilbara, Australia

Roy Hill Project has been designed to export 55 Mta of Iron Ore and includes Mine, Process Plant, Storage Yard, Heavy Railroad System from Mine to Port and New Port Facilities at southwest of Port Hedland, Western Australia. Within this megaproject, DF has been awarded the supply of all process equipment / electrical system and the EP package of the ore handling system both at the Process Plant Storage Yard and at the large Port facility. The handling equipment for Process Plant and Port has a capacity around 14,000 tons per hour, which ranks any of them within the range of the largest in the world.


Within the Process Plant, which includes five main parallel process lines, main equipment is described as follows:

  • Three (3) units of Primary and Secondary Crushing Modular Facilities
  • Five (5) Scrubbers
  • Five (5) Modules of Wet Coarse and Fines Screens
  • Three (3) Modules of Tertiary Crushers and Dry / Wet Screens
  • Five (5) Modules of Deslime Cyclones
  • Five (5) Up Curret-Classifier
  • Five (5) Modules of First and Second Stage of Spirals
  • Five (5) Belt Filters
  • Three (3) Tailings Thickeners
  • Process Water Dam and Residue Storage Facility
  • One (1) Laboratory

In addition to all belt conveying system, in excess of 12 Km length, following equipment are going to be designed, manufactured and supplied (Process Plant equipment also to be erected):

Process Plant site:

  • One (1) Iron Ore Fixed Slewing Stacker 13,700 tph
  • One (1) Fines Ore Traveling / Slewing Stacker 5,600 tph
  • One (1) Lump Ore Traveling / Slewing Stacker 5,600 tph
  • (1) Traveling / Slewing Bucket Wheel Reclaimer 16,700 tph
  • One (1) Train Loading Station

Port site:

  • Two (2) Ore Traveling / Slewing Stacker 14,500 tph
  • One (1) Car Dumper 12,900 tph
  • (1) Traveling / Slewing Bucket Wheel Reclaimer 16,700 tph
  • One (1) Traveling / Slewing Shiploader 12,700 tph