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10 August 2023

Duro Felguera receives the order from Romgaz to start the works at Iernut

The CEO, Jaime Argüelles, has expressed his satisfaction for this milestone, which is a success and highlights the good management of the company.

On 1st August 2023, Duro Felguera received the order from the Romanian company Romgaz to start work on the Iernut combined cycle power plant, once the necessary preliminary steps had been completed following the agreements reached last May. 

This brings us to the final phase of the construction of this plant, after persevering work on the part of Duro Felguera to reach an agreement that would allow the company to comply with its firm and determined desire to successfully carry out the complete execution of the works for the commissioning of the plant as soon as possible. 

This infrastructure is considered strategic, both for our client, Romgaz, and for the country as a whole. Iernut is a project of national interest in Romania due to the reduction of emissions it will imply. The combined cycle plant has an installed capacity of 430 MW, includes four gas turbines plus four recovery boilers for steam production with three pressure levels and two steam turbines, and incorporates important technological advances for environmental protection. 

The contract for the execution of the works amounts to 345 million Lei (equivalent to approx. 70 million euros) and has a completion period of 16 months from the date of the order to start the works (1 August 2023) with the possibility of extension as provided for in the contract.

The project manager, Xico Pérez, and part of his team outside the Iernut combined cycle power plant.

The CEO of Duro Felguera, Jaime Argüelles, has expressed his satisfaction for reaching this milestone, which he considers a success that highlights “the good management by Duro Felguera to overcome the many difficulties, including a change in the Romanian regulatory system” and the commitment of the company “offering solutions and differential value, with the focus on the successful completion of the projects and the full satisfaction of our customers”. Argüelles also highlighted the good relationship with the client and the role of the Romanian and Spanish administrations in the negotiation process to promote the agreement.