Duro Felguera | Cotización
10 April 2023

Duro Felguera reaffirms its commitment to human rights

On 31 March last, the Board of Directors approved Duro Felguera’s Human Rights Policy, the result of its commitment to Human Rights and respect for ethical principles in accordance with the Group’s corporate culture.

This commitment is shown as a demonstration of the positive impact of its activity in all the locations where the Group is present and is considered a fundamental part of its responsibility to create value. The fundamental principle for the materialisation of this positive impact is the creation of a sustainable business model based, among other points, on the promotion of respect for Human Rights as a differentiating element by going beyond the mere application of legal regulations.

Likewise, through this Policy, the Group seeks to lay the foundations for identifying, mitigating and preventing adverse impacts related to respect for Human Rights in application of the provisions of the relevant national and international regulations, undertaking to consciously avoid contributing to any adverse impact on them.


The commitment of the Duro Felguera Group is assumed and manifested in the application of the following general principles of action:

– To comply with the laws and regulations of the country where it is carrying out its activities and, if deemed necessary, to develop actions that go beyond such compliance in order to carry out the respect for Human Rights in accordance with international standards and regulations. In particular, the Group undertakes to prevent its own activities from causing or contributing to negative consequences on the human rights of employees and Third Parties.

– Establish mechanisms to monitor compliance with the provisions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in the development of its activities, promoting fair and equitable working conditions.
Reliably reject any type of forced and/or child labour. In accordance with this, the Group undertakes not to use this type of labour in its production process, nor to incorporate any type of service or product into its activity that comes from this type of practice.

– Defend freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining. Accordingly, it undertakes to respect the right of Employees to join associations that defend their interests.

– Promote respect for diversity and non-discrimination. It therefore rejects any discrimination based on age, gender, race, colour, religion, disability, political opinion, marital status, ethnic origin or sexual orientation. It also undertakes to foster a working environment where people are treated and valued fairly and equally, rejecting any manifestation of physical, psychological or moral harassment or abuse of authority and any other demeaning, offensive or intimidating behaviour with respect to people’s rights.

– In application of the Group’s acquired responsibility for Human Rights, especially those relating to life, health, physical and emotional integrity, the Group undertakes to preserve safety, health and psychological well-being at work, as well as in the environment in which it operates, providing a safe, healthy and quality life for both employees and third parties with whom it interacts.

– Respecting the rights of the communities in the areas where it carries out its activities, promoting dignified and respectful treatment of people, their customs and ways of life.
The protection and conservation of the environment through a commitment to the continuous improvement of the management systems of its activity focused on minimising the environmental impact of its operations.

– The Duro Felguera Group works under the application of the principle of zero tolerance towards corruption and fraud, rejecting any manifestation of the same and adopting the necessary measures to prevent and combat it both directly and indirectly.