Duro Felguera | Cotización

Calderería Pesada, Oil & Gas

22 June 2023

Duro Felguera produces 26 tanks for the Olefins Expansion project (Poland)

Duro Felguera participates in PKN Orlen’s Olefins Expansion project with a contract for the design, engineering, supply, prefabrication, transport to the site and assembly of 26 process tanks for the Plock refinery. Duro Felguera Energy Storage, Duro Felguera Energy Storage, a subsidiary specialised in the execution of turnkey storage projects in different types of facilities for the Oil & Gas sector, among others, is in charge of the works.

The contract has been signed with the joint venture formed by Técnicas Reunidas and Hyundai Engineering, companies that are developing the Olefins Expansion project, whose objective is to maximize PKN’s petrochemical potential by adding new capacity to the existing facilities.

The process tanks have different sizes and contain different products (flux oil, ammonia, 20% caustic, carbonate, crude heavy glycol, treated water, polished condensate, etc.). They are designed and manufactured with different materials, from carbon steel to stainless steel depending on the characteristics of the product they contain.

In addition, all equipment internals, insulation, anti-corrosion treatment, as well as the necessary tests in accordance with EN 14015 code are included. The completion date for the works is November 2024. Another subsidiary of the Company, Duro Felguera Calderería Pesada, is also participating in Olefins Expansión. In this case with the manufacture of a wash tower in plated steel, with a length of almost 100 m, a diameter of more than 6 m, and a weight of almost 800 Tn, which has recently been delivered to the client (in the picture, shipment in the Port of El Musel in March 2023).