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TIC_CCE2 Business consolidation and growth

Initiative aimed at promoting the growth and consolidation of the ITC Sector in Asturias, with mergers and other cooperation instruments that allow companies to grow. The purpose is to increase the competitiveness of the sector companies, making them invest in R&D&i in a more sustainable way, hiring talent in the form of top professionals and helping roll out this initiative in other countries.


  • Identifying core areas of collaboration between companies, as the base for potential mergers, alliances, joint ventures and economic interest groups.
  • Generating a well-structured and long-term framework between groups of companies, which goes beyond a punctual or temporary collaboration.
  • Commitment to converge to seek competitiveness, growth and internationalisation.


  • The configuration of/search for strategic groups among participants and/or with third parties to design resizing operations. Making progress in the design of re-sizing operations with other companies.