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Study and analysis of the influence of resilience values in filler materials with welding beads used to weld materials with a high elastic limit and thickness, subject to post-welding heat treatments

The goal of DF Operaciones y Montajes in this project is to conduct an in-depth research on the behaviour of filler materials in the FCAW process during mechanical Resilience tests, which are used to weld materials with a high elastic limit, subject to different post-welding heat treatments (PWHT) and used in hydraulic power plants and off-shore facilities.

The variability of data will be studied and the selected filler materials will be analysed to assess whether they are suitable or not for welding procedures on materials with a high elastic limit and subject to post-welding heat treatments, with the suitable impact values, adapted to the resilience designs used in these types of materials. Likewise, the project was designed to research the cause of the variability of the resilience data when these materials are subject to PWHT, with the purpose of assessing whether it is technologically viable or not to adapt the post-welding heat treatments.

Duro Felguera bets on young talent and joins Recruiting Erasmus programme

Duro Felguera has recently joined Recruiting Erasmus, an initiative led by PeopleMatters, a consultancy firm specialising in people management, which aims to facilitate contact between partner companies and Spanish and foreign students, whether through an Erasmus scholarship or another training programme, who want to make the leap into the professional world.