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BLUE-TIC: Convergence to take on value-added projects for the logistics and port sector

Felguera Tecnologías de la Información is taking part in the development of the RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT PROJECT entitled BLUE-TIC – Convergence to take on value-added projects for the logistics and port sector, coordinated by AEI del Conocimiento de Asturias, and which the companies AEl del Conocimiento de Asturias, SICO and Telecable are also taking part in.

The overall goal of the BLUE-TIC project is to develop a methodology for the convergence of capabilities that will allow for the definition of global solutions for the challenges involved in the digital transformation of the logistics-port sector, focusing primarily on the partner companies of the AEl del Conocimiento, and then all companies in the ICT sector whose headquarters are in Asturias.

El proyecto BLUE-TIC, que inicia su actividad en octubre de 2019 y finaliza en diciembre de 2020, está subvencionado por IDEPA y cuenta con cofinanciación del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER).

Duro Felguera bets on young talent and joins Recruiting Erasmus programme

Duro Felguera has recently joined Recruiting Erasmus, an initiative led by PeopleMatters, a consultancy firm specialising in people management, which aims to facilitate contact between partner companies and Spanish and foreign students, whether through an Erasmus scholarship or another training programme, who want to make the leap into the professional world.