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Renewable energies

2 October 2023

The WAVEASTUR project obtains an important aid from the RENMARINAS programme

Duro Felguera Green Tech has been awarded a grant of 2,175,000 euros under the RENMARINAS programme (IDAE), for the development of the WAVEASTUR project, which involves the installation of three wave energy converters (WEC) of 350 kW each, in the waters of the Port of Avilés.

This aid is part of the pilot projects and test platforms and port infrastructures for marine renewables, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan financed by the European Union Next GenerationEU.

The concession is an important support for the project developed by Duro Felguera Green Tech, which has already received attention from the European Investment Bank, which produced an episode of its web series VR360º Quest for climate solutions, which premiered last November.

The project includes the installation of several devices capable of capturing clean energy from the movements of ocean waves and using it to decarbonise the port. The Finnish technologist AW-Energy is working alongside Duro Felguera. The University of Oviedo and the Port Authority of Avilés are collaborating.