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Interventions on more than 90% of the steam turbines in power generation plants in Spain and many other installations in Europe, North Africa and Middle East.

With more than 500 interventions in the last 25 years, we currently have the capacity to perform:

  • More than 250,000 hours by our Field Service Specialized Technicians, Supervisors and Site Managers.
  • Approximately 50 operations per year, including around 30 major on Gas Turbines, Generators, Steam Turbines and Auxiliaries in Combined Cycle, Nuclear, Hydro, Solar Thermal and Industrial plants.

Immediate response

Our qualified technical staff and standardised field equipment solutions prepared for any eventuality allow response times to unexpected downtime in the region of 48/72 hours.

For Steam Turbine and Auxiliaries:

We are able to serve different technologies from all kind of OEMs:

  • General Electric, Ansaldo, Siemens, Mitsubishi Power, Westinghouse, Franco Tosi, Alstom, Hitachi, Skoda, Toshiba, BBC…

Types of GT overhauls

  • Minor (A) inspection
  • Medium (B) inspection: Disassembly, cleaning, inspection an alignment of some components and systems as:
    • Turbine bearings Cojinetes de turbinas
    • Main Valves Válvulas principales
    • Auxiliary systems inspectionInspección de sistemas auxiliaries: : lube oil, gland steam, Sistemas auxiliaries del generador, etc
  • Major (C) inspection: Disassembly, cleaning, inspection an alignment of all components and systems including full ST sections complete disassembly.

For Gas Turbines and Auxiliaries:

Main Gas Turbo-generators OEM:


Types of GT overhauls

  • Combustor (A) inspection
  • Hot Gas Path (B) Inspection (HGPI)
    • It includes all activities regarding Combustor Inspection as well as turbine stages and Air Inlet system inspection.
  • Major (C) Inspection
    • Includes activities involved in the HGPI, plus the removal of all parts including rotor, continuing with the cleaning and inspection of all the disassembled components until the end of the service with the alignment and assembly of the turbine


DF Mompresa is specialized in all kind of mechanical service activities on generators:

  • We provide the full range of inspections from, a minor inspection to a major overhaul, up to the rotor removal. Also its auxiliaries (seal oil system, gas systems, Generator Coolers) and the excitation/starting systems, irrespective of the technology and the manufacturer.

Power trains for nuclear power plants in Nuclear Power Plants

Inspection of Steam Turbines, Generators and its auxiliary systems for the Main OEM’s for nuclear power plants:


Medium and complete inspections on Spanish plants:

  • Df Mompresa has been regularly carrying out these inspections and retrofits since the 90s of the last century:
    • Ascó 2 x 1000 MW (SIEMENS-WESTINGHOUSE) (complete turbine and alternator retrofit)
    • Almaraz 2 x 1000 MW (SIEMENS-WESTINGHOUSE) (new alternators installation)
    • Cofrentes 1000 MW (GE)
    • Vandellós (Generator) 1000 MW (GE)
    • Garoña (GE) 466 MW
    • José Cabrera 160 MW (WESTINGHOUSE)

Thermal solar power plants

Main Steam Turbo-generator OEM for Solar power plants:

    • DF Mompresa has participated on several occasions in planned inspections in the Spanish SP that, for the most part, have SIEMENS steam turbines.
      • Gema Solar (Sevilla) – Torresol
      • La Dehesa (Cáceres) – SAMCA
      • La Florida (Cáceres) – SAMCA
  • MAN
    • Andasol III (GranAda) – UTE MSM/DF
      • DF Mompresa has carried out the new assembly of the turbo-alternator, its auxiliary equipment and the interconnection piping of this Plant, as well as one unplanned complete inspection of the steam turbine.

Steam turbines in industrial centers, steel mills, paper mills, Waste to energy, Biomass, Cogenerations


Remarkable overhauls are:

  • GENFIBRE. Overhaul of Cogeneration plant in a textile manufacturing plant.
    • Gas turbine 37 MW, Steam Turbine 15 MW NUOVO PIGNONE
  • TIRMADRID Overhaul of garbage incineration plant.
    • Steam turbine-generator 30 MW. ABB
  • ARCELORMITTAL Iron & steel plant.
    • Overhaul of Steam turbine 12 MW HITACHI.
  • Oleícola El Tejar Overhaul (biomass)
    • Dresser rand nadrowsky-murray 6 mw steam
  • Ence Steam turbine overhaul biomass Huelva
    • ST siemens 40 mw
  • Ence Steam turbine emergency biomass Huelva
    • ST Siemens 50 mw
  • ENCE Condensation steam turbine inspection Navia
    • ST siemens 31,21mw
  • Tirme steam turbine and generator inspection, pp mallorca,
    • Steam tubine-generator 35 MW MITSUBISHI-ALSTOM

Overhaul of hydraulic power plants

Performed planned and unplanned maintenance of the EDP turbine fleet in Asturias.


Compressors, fans and pumps


We eventually carry out the mechanical inspection of critical rotating equipment in power plants and other diverse industrial plants as:

  • Siderurgy Steelworks
  • Chemical Plants 
  • Refineries 

Inspection of:

  • Blast furnace gas recovery turbine 
  • GLD compressors 
  • Turbo-fans
  • Centrifugal pumps overhaul