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Oil & Gas


Hydrocarbon storage plants

Duro Felguera Energy Storage develops its activities in the field of storage plants in new installations, revamping and extension of existing plants, as well as their operation and maintenance.

Duro Felguera Energy Storage develops three types of facilities:

  • Storage tank farms for crude oil to be shipped to processing or to strategic reserves; this includes the complete operation system.
  • Hydrocarbon storage plant (gasoil and gasoline): this service includes the whole process from receiving to dispatching.
  • LPG storage plants: including the whole process ranging from product receiving to its dispatch to tanker trucks or bottling plants.


Project scope:

  • Collaboration in the selection of the best location for the plant and in the preparation of the necessary documentation required for obtaining permits, licences and legalisations.
  • Basic and detailed engineering using the latest technological developments to provide the customer with the most efficient and cost-effective operation and maintenance systems.
  • Development of systems and engineering to ensure the correct operation of the plant (defining the additive, blending and product conditioning processes, pumping station, fire-fighting systems, accesses, landscaping, buildings, etc.).
  • The complete supply of all the systems that may be necessary for the construction of the plant.
  • Construction, testing and commissioning of the facility (civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation works, etc.).
  • Overall management and coordination of the complete project until handed over after the operational tests.
  • Plant operation and maintenance