Duro Felguera | Cotización
31 October 2023

Other relevant information: the company announces the disbursement for the capital increase.

In fulfilment of the provisions of Article 227 of the Securities Market Act, Duro Felguera, S.A.
informs the National Securities Market Commission of the following communication concerning


The key investors Grupo Prodi and Mota Engil México today proceeded to disburse 30 million euros, one third of the total amount of the loans granted to the Company, signed on 28 February 2023. The disbursement of the remaining amount of the loans, up to th e total of 90 million euros, will take place by 5 December this year, all the foregoing in accordance with the terms of the capital increase agreed by the General Meeting of the Company, held on 13 April 2023.

Gijón, 31 October 2023.
Jesús Sánchez Lambás.