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Renewable energies

5 October 2022

Offshore sector, the time is now

Jaime Argüelles, CEO of Duro Felguera, participated this Monday in the conference “Opportunities and challenges of offshore wind energy in Asturias”, organised by Compromiso Asturias XXI, with the collaboration of the Gijón Chamber of Commerce and the Jovellanos Forum Foundation.

Argüelles, who took part in one of the round tables together with other companies and entities linked to the offshore sector, insisted on the great opportunity that offshore wind represents for Asturias and for the Asturian industry. Also for Duro Felguera, which, with all its experience in the world of industry and energy, continues to transform itself into a firm commitment to the energy transition.

“We have developed a company called DF Green Tech to offer high added value solutions throughout the renewable energy value chain and we see our offshore wind project as a great opportunity that we have the obligation to take advantage of”, explained the CEO in reference to the DF Offshore Wind project, for the mass production of offshore wind bases in the port of Gijón (El Musel).

It is a project “of great ambition that seeks to make Asturias a leading vector of development”, he continued. The CEO highlighted the capabilities that Duro Felguera brings to the sector due to its vast and proven experience in the management of large industrial and energy projects. Thus, he said, “we have everything we need to share in the success that the development of offshore wind energy could bring to Asturias”.

Argüelles also explained that it is a project that combines society and industry, which means that it benefits society through the environmental improvements that the energy transition brings and through the creation of quality jobs, and industry because it motivates its transformation to become more competitive.

The CEO of Duro Felguera took advantage of his speech to call for inter-company cooperation and collaboration with public administrations. “It is important that we all row in the same direction”, he said, and gave the example of the Basque Country cluster as an example to follow. Furthermore, he also urged us not to waste a single minute: “We want to start tomorrow if possible. We have to seize the moment, and the moment is now”.