Duro Felguera | Cotización
27 April 2023

Duro Felguera ratifies its commitment to best ethical and compliance practices with the award of two AENOR certificates

Duro Felguera has obtained the UNE 19601 certification for criminal compliance and ISO 37001 for anti-bribery, awarded by AENOR. These certifications are recognition of the Duro Felguera Group’s efforts to develop the best ethical, compliance and corporate governance practices in its daily management.

The certifications that AENOR has awarded to Duro Felguera affect its parent company, Duro Felguera, S.A., but also six other companies in the group: Duro Felguera Calderería Pesada, Duro Felguera Mompresa, Duro Felguera Operaciones y Montajes, Felguera IHI, Epicom and Felguera Tecnologías de la Información.

These certifications highlight the group’s efforts to establish the best market standards in relation to the requirements for effective management systems, specifically recognising the implementation of best practices to reduce the risk of committing crimes and bribery practices.

Respect for the best ethical and compliance practices is one of the main commitments of the company, which has entrusted AENOR as the certifier of reference. The first certificate – the UNE 19601 – is a standard that establishes the requirements for implementing, maintaining and continuously improving a criminal compliance management system in organisations, with the aim of preventing the commission of crimes within them and reducing criminal risk.

In this way, Duro Felguera works continuously to implement the best globally accepted compliance practices. Having UNE 19601 certification allows organisations to generate more confidence in their clients and users.

On the other hand, the second certificate, ISO 37001, is the first international standard that establishes the requirements that a management system must have to prevent bribery and reduce the risk of its commission in organisations. This seal offers a tool to prevent, detect and manage bribery behaviour in compliance with legislation, based on the best and most advanced international practices.

The formal ceremony for the presentation of these anti-bribery and criminal compliance certifications to Duro Felguera took place on Wednesday, 26 April, at the headquarters of Duro Felguera in the Science and Technology Park of Gijón (PCTG), with the presence, on behalf of AENOR, of Martín Pita, Director of the Atlantic Region, and Jaime Argüelles, CEO of Duro Felguera.

Meeting between Duro Felguera and AENOR. In the picture, Guillermo de Alba, Director of Internal Audit and Regulatory Compliance, Jaime Argüelles, CEO, and Sandra López, Head of Internal Audit and Regulatory Compliance. In front of them, for AENOR, Martín Pita, director of the Atlantic region, and Álvaro Argüeso, business development technician.