Duro Felguera | Cotización

Green hydrogen and energy storage, Renewable energies

6 October 2023

Duro Felguera holds a vice-presidency in the Spanish Renewable Ammonia Association (AEAR)

Duro Felguera holds the vice-presidency of Auxiliary Industry in the recently created Spanish Association of Renewable Ammonia (AEAR). Its objective is to contribute to the energy transition, promoting different actions that foster the entire value chain of renewable ammonia, which is aligned with the strengths of Duro Felguera in the sector.

In this context, the experience and technical capacity of Duro Felguera, founding partner of the entity, allows our company to contribute significantly to ammonia production, transport and storage projects on an industrial scale.

The Executive Committee of AEAR, in addition to Duro Felguera, includes leading companies in different sectors. The presidency is held by Tresca Ingeniería S.A., and the other vice-presidencies are held by Tervalis Desarrollo, S.A., in the area of Consumers; Fertiberia S.A., in Producers/Marketers; and Enagás Infraestructuras de Hidrógeno S.L.U., in Transporters/Distributors. Other prominent members include EDP Renovavaveis, S.A.; Iberdrola S.A.; Naturgy Nuevas Energías, S.L.U.; and Vinci Energies España S.A.U., among others. The composition of the association reflects a convergence of interests and experience that positions AEAR as a benchmark in the promotion of renewable ammonia.

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