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Renewable energies

28 November 2022

A wave energy project in which Duro Felguera participates is featured in an episode of the European Investment Bank’s webVR 360º series

  • The filming, last May, took place at Duro Felguera’s headquarters and at the DFCP workshop, among other locations.
  • The project consists of the installation of several devices capable of capturing clean energy from the movements of the ocean waves and using it to decarbonise the Port.

The wave power generation pilot project, which is being developed by Duro Felguera together with the Finnish technologist AW-Energy in collaboration with the University of Oviedo and the Port Authority of Avilés, is the protagonist of the fifth episode of the Quest for climate solutions series, financed by the European Investment Bank with the aim of showcasing outstanding and innovative projects to address the challenges posed by climate change.

Quest for climate solutions happens to be the first interactive 360º degree video webVR series. Drones and 360º cameras are used in the filming, resulting in a spectacular immersive experience. The series is produced by Iralta VR Audiovisual production, scripted by Chris Welsch and presented by EIB Audiovisual Communication Director Heidi Lipsanen.

Projects From Finland to Spain: the power of waves is the title of this recently released episode, filmed in Asturias and Finland last May. In the Principality, the locations were the offices of Duro Felguera and the workshop of Duro Felguera Calderería Pesada, as well as the Port of Avilés and the Fondón well, the latter chosen as a symbolic representation of the transition that is taking place in Asturias from heavy and polluting industry to new production formulas that respect the environment.

The project consists of the installation of several devices in the sea, in the vicinity of the Port of Aviles, capable of capturing clean energy from the movements of the ocean waves and allocating it to the decarbonisation of the Port through the integration of renewable energy solutions and renewable hydrogen.

The system has already been successfully tested off the coast of Portugal (Peniche). The devices consist of a floating concrete base that is carried to the seabed by water injection, on which is anchored an oscillating panel that moves with the waves to produce the energy and would either be connected to a substation on land via an underwater cable or to an electrolyser to produce green hydrogen.

As part of its commitment to renewable energies, Duro Felguera is committed to the development of the most innovative projects, as in this case with the use of wave energy, which also demonstrates the advantages of hybridisation between different renewable energy technologies.

The EIB supports the research and development of Duro Felguera’s technology partner in this project, AW-Energy.

(Watch the video:https://www.eib.org/en/about/priorities/climate-action/campaigns/360 and choose Projects / From Finland to Spain: the power of waves).