Duro Felguera | Cotización
27 February 2023

A great opportunity to show the world that we are capable of returning Duro Felguera to the place it deserves

The CEO, Jaime Argüelles, held a face-to-face and video-conference meeting with all the employees of Duro Felguera after the announcement of the entry into the shareholding of the industrial groups Prodi and Mota-Engil Mexico. Argüelles reported in detail on the scope and significance of the agreement, which he described as great news “for which we have been working for a long time and we have finally achieved a value proposition that far exceeds expectations”.

He thanked all the employees of Duro Felguera for the resilience shown in this complicated period, after which “the company has its sights set on the present and the future”, having developed a viability plan to now “convert it into a strategic plan that consolidates us and allows us to grow”. This, he explained, “has to do with the optimal way of working, seeing what we need to improve and what we need to transform, taking advantage of the good things we have, but also changing and improving things that can be improved”.

“The most important thing that this company has is you”, continued the CEO in his speech. “Duro Felguera has always been characterised by providing differential solutions to customers, and behind a differential solution there is a person. It is a person with talent, with motivation, with a positive attitude that manages to provide a differential solution that is better than the competition and therefore earns the trust of customers”.

Finally, he insisted on the great opportunity that Duro Felguera now has, which must be transformed into reality by demonstrating through internal work that “the trust placed in us by public and financial entities and now by investors has been worth it”. In line with this, he urged us to be aware that it is not possible “to think that the company can be eternally supported by contributions from outside. The solution has to come from ourselves, from being able to make this business competitive, efficient and profitable. Therefore, the ball is now in our court”.

Argüelles ended his speech with a call for joint action: “let us take advantage of this great opportunity together, with enthusiasm, teamwork and a positive attitude, and let us show the world and ourselves that we are capable of putting Duro Felguera where it deserves to be”.