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Green hydrogen and energy storage

18 July 2023

Generating NH3 marine fuel through floating renewable energy

A consortium of eleven companies, including Duro Felguera Green Tech, will receive a 5.7 million grant from the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE) within the PERTE ERHA, Programme 4 – H2 Value Chain, aimed at research and development of renewable hydrogen Pilot Projects.

The BAHÍA H2 OFFSHORE project, which will be located in the public domain of the Santander Port Authority, focuses on the development of an innovative solution, which proposes the production of renewable hydrogen and its conversion to green ammonia from offshore renewable energies; all this on a barge where production is carried out in situ and what is transported to land is the green ammonia generated, combining all the processes in the same space and optimising the occupation of the marine space as much as possible, as well as greater ease of maintenance.

This project, with an execution period of 3 years, seeks to provide a solution to two main drawbacks faced by offshore renewable energy projects: the intermittency and seasonality of the solar or wind energy they produce and the need to transport the energy generated to the surface for its final use.