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DF Operaciones y Montajes (DFOM)

DFOM provides electrical and mechanical construction and assembly, start-up and O&M services for industrial installations and power generation facilities. In 2012 this subsidiary encompassed the activities that for the last few decades had been carried out by other DF subsidiaries (FMM, Feresa, Opemasa and MEI) within the field of services to industry.


Specialist Construction and Assembly

  • Conventional coal-fired steam generators
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) for combined cycle plants
  • Alloy piping for water-steam cycles at power generation plants
  • Forced piping at hydroelectric plants, turbines, penstocks and auxiliary equipment
  • FCC (refineries)
  • Blast furnaces (steel industry)
  • Wind farms (complete management of the project including construction of the wind turbines


Heat, cryogenic and sound.

Specialised in heat insulation of generators and turbines, piping and control equipment of power generation plants.

Authorised for the removal of asbestos (company included on the RERA - Registro de Empresas con Riesgo de Amianto - register).

The insulation methods and products used are:

  • Conventional insulation
  • Blasted insulation
  • Removable linings (padding)


Works for start-up operations of all types of industrial installations, with ample experience in power generation facilities.

Operation and Maintenance

  • Electrical, mechanical, preventive, predictive, corrective and modifying maintenance, with workforce residing on site
  • Maintenance at major programmed outages (overhaul and update of the installation)
  • Specialized in coal-fired boilers, rotating equipment at power generation facilities, as well as blast furnaces and FCCs at refineries
  • Complete operation and maintenance of power generation and other industrial facilities
Other services

  • Maintenance engineering; development of complete maintenance programmes (and implementation on GMAO systems); development of general and specific O&M procedures; criticality studies of systems and equipment, and also determining the dimensions of stocks for spare parts specific to each type of facility
  • Technical audits of power generation and industrial plants
  • Top level operation and maintenance of water treatment plants and effluents
  • Preventive and total maintenance of automated warehouses (electrical and mechanical, warehouse management system and warehouse control system)
  • Windpower sector:
    • Engineering, construction and support for start-up of the facility. O&M.
    • Complete management of maintenance tasks
    • Predictive studies and quality control audits

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