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DF Mompresa

Assembly and inspection of turbogenerators

The leading company in construction, revision and overhaul of turbines, generators and auxiliary equipment at power generation facilities, as well as rotating equipment for all types of industries.

The company has worked on over 90% of all the steam turbines at power generation facilities in Spain and on many other installations in Europe and Latin America.

With over 500 contracts in the last 25 years, it can currently carry out 30 interventions per year.

DF Mompresa has a training centre that uses real equipment, including a complete 160 MW steam turbine, which means situations and complex interventions can be reproduced and real cases can be recreated.

EPC projects for electrical transmission

Turnkey projects for electrical transmission plants (cogeneration, biomass plants etc.) including the following services:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Consulting
  • Search for finance
  • Engineering and supply
  • Total construction and assembly of the facility
  • Commissioning


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