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The founding of the Duro y Compañía enterprisein 1858, driven and guided by Pedro Duro Benito, marks the start of the entrepreneurial development of what is now DF. Initially, the company specialised in iron and steel production and coal mining, and had become the main iron and steel producer in Spain by the late 19th century.

In 1900, Duro y Compañía became the Sociedad Metalúrgica Duro-Felguera, S.A., and in 1905 it was listed to trade on the Stock Market. By 1920 it had become the largest coal producer in the country, and the profits from this source enabled significant technical improvements to be made in the iron and steel industry.

In its early days, the company was specialised in the production of iron and steel and coal mining...

The 1940s and 1950s was a favourable period for the mining industry, and in conjunction with Altos Hornos in Vizcaya, Duro dominated the national steel market until the 1960s.
Partial view of Duro Felgueras F. factories in 1943
Partial view of the Duro Felguera factories in 1943 

The decade of the 1960s saw the commencement of the restructuring of the mining and industrial sector. The Unión de Siderúrgicas Asturianas (UNINSA) was born in 1961, consisting of Duro Felguera, Fábrica de Mieres and Fábrica de la Sociedad Industrial Asturiana, the origin of what would later be known as ENSIDESA, which became the holder of all Duro Felguera's steel assets. In 1967, Duro and other mining companies transferred all their coal mining assets to the public company, Hulleras del Norte, S.A. (HUNOSA).

Since then, Duro Felguera has focused its business on the production of capital goods, diversifying areas in order to respond to the varying demands for equipment in different industrial sectors. The company upgraded its workshops and focused on manufacturing activities, gradually relinquishing those companies that were not directly connected with this field of activity.

In the early 80s the company entered the field of large energy and industrial projects

In the mid-1980s, Duro Felguera again changed its business activities to adapt to market requirements and concentrated on the execution of turnkey projects for the energy, industry and Oil & Gas sectors.

Vertical piping shop. Conde Sizzo factory in 1899.
Vertical piping shop - the Conde Sizzo factory in 1899

Today, under the DF trademark, the company specialises in the management of projects of this type, carrying out the whole process required by customers, so as to provide an integrated service covering all aspects from engineering to erection and maintenance of the plants built, including the manufacture and supply of equipment and civil works.

Main milestones

1858 - Pedro Duro Benito founds the company Sociedad Regular Colectiva Duro y CIA.

1900 - The company Metalúrgica Duro Felguera, S.A. is established.

1905 - The company's shares are listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange.

1966-67 - UNINSA and HUNOSA absorb the iron and steel and coal mining activities of S.M. Duro Felguera, S.A.

1968-73 - S.M. DURO FELGUERA upgrades and increases its activities in the capital goods area.

1974-90 - The evolution of the market requires the company to adopt an organisational division by specialities.

1991 - The name of the company is changed from Sociedad Metalúrgica Duro Felguera to Grupo Duro Felguera, S.A.

1995 - The company moves its headquarters from Madrid to Oviedo (Asturias).

2001 The company's name is changed to Duro Felguera, S.A.

2009 - The group opens its new headquarters at the Parque Científico Tecnológico in Gijón, which houses the Energy and Industrial Plant Lines, and the different corporate departments.

2013 - The company changes its corporate image and starts to operate under the new brand name of DF.

Pedro Duro Benito (Madrid - 1848)
Pedro Duro Benito (Madrid - 1848)


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