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Commitment to sustainability

Throughout its history Duro Felguera has maintained a business commitment to the different players which interact with the company and its employees; the commitment is based on the ethical principles that guide its operations and which form part of its corporate culture. As a summary of these ethical principles, the Company has a Code of Conduct, inspired by the values of integrity, honesty, transparency and good governance. The Code is known and should be respected by all the Group's employees and administrators, and it should guide their professional work.

Duro Felguera is firmly committed to this Code and the principles enshrined therein, as it implies the reinforcement of the Company vested interest in scrupulous compliance with legality, human rights, professionalism and equal opportunities and respect for the environment. This is the Company's way of expressing the general lines that should guide its professional activity. Hence the Code defines the patterns of conduct for, among others:

  • Respect for legality
  • Human Rights and respect for persons
  • Professional development and equal opportunities
  • Integrity and ethical values
  • Conflicts of interest
  • The prohibition of bribery and corruption among individuals
  • Relations with clients and suppliers
  • Respect for the environment
  • Transparency in financial information


Duro Felguera has a Crime Prevention Model for all the companies in the Group, and for all employees, board members and members of the administration bodies.

By means of this Crime Prevention Model the Company has taken further steps towards an organization and management system which will implement the necessary surveillance and control measures to avoid people committing crimes, in accordance with Organic Law 5/2010, dated 22 June.

Likewise, in compliance with the protocols and other preventive measures set forth in the Crime Prevention Model, Duro Felguera contributes to the significant reduction of the risk of crimes being committed, and of potentially irregular conduct which could imply the non-fulfilment of its General Code of Conduct.

Duro Felguera's Crime Prevention Model is based on the specific analysis of the criminal risks appropriate to its size, organization model and the specific activities carried out by the Company. It defines a structure in which the Compliance Manager, who reports functionally to the Board of Directors Audit Commission, acts with full independence in the exercise of his functions and holds ultimate responsibility for managing the prevention of crimes. He is supported in this task by the Compliance Commission and the collaboration of the Compliance Ambassadors.

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