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CSR in Duro Felguera

The nature of the sectors Duro Felguera operates in and the diverse activities it carries out in the international framework involve a series of risks that the Company tries to identify and keep under control, doing whatever it has to in order to eliminate or minimize the negative impact that these risks could cause to its groups of interest, both internal and external.

By managing these risks, Duro Felguera moves further towards its goal of implementing a sustainable business model. The Company believes that responsible business conduct is a fundamental aspect of its management system in all the activities it carries out.

Duro Felguera therefore believes that all its employees, partners, organization members and those who form part of the supply chain should comply with the Company's General Code of Conduct and be committed to its ethical standards. Training and the promotion of social awareness in these matters are two of the measures the Company is implementing in order to reduce the possibility of any breaches of the business ethics and integrity, and hence any possible consequences. 

Likewise, the recommendations in the Good Governance Code for Listed Companies identify the need for listed companies to define and promote an appropriate corporate social responsibility policy, as a non-delegable power of the Board of Directors, providing sufficient transparent information about the development, application and results thereof; and which should include the principles and commitments that the company freely assumes in its relations with its different groups of interest.

In accordance with the above, Duro Felguera has a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy which contains the main aspects and commitment for the Company and the Group in the field of CSR. The purpose is to establish the basic principles and the general framework of action, the basic strategy and practices in corporate responsibility assumed by the Company, all in conformity with the applicable regulations, Duro Felgueras internal rules and the best corporate governance practices. 

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