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Augmented reality application for mobile devices, tourism information managers and citizens

The LiveAR project is developing an application for mobile devices based on the emerging Augmented Reality technology. The mobile application will increase the value of tourism resources by allowing users to connect to complementary digital contents (videos, photographs, audio-guides, infographics, 3D animations), creating a new experience for the user. The LiveAR project was developed in response to the need to integrate new technologies in tourism resource management activities, in line with the objectives established in the 2013-2015 PrEsTa. In other words, LiveAR is a project that has been coordinated with the regional tourism strategy.

Gijón, pilot city

The purpose of the LiveAR project is to develop an application for mobile devices, with special technical features that allow it to be exported to other national and international markets. However, it will only be implemented in Gijón during the development phase, which will become the pilot city of the project.

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