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Study for the improvement of the comprehensive maintenance efficiency of a combined cycle power plant

The growing demand for electricity and the need to use less contaminating energies, as established in the Kyoto protocol, requires countries to focus their efforts on generating cleaner energies, while maintaining the production levels required. An alternative is being covered by combined cycle power plants.

Failing critical equipment can result in important losses, not only in relation to the cost of the equipment and start-up procedures, but also associated with the MWs that are not produced.

In response to the need for the ongoing optimisation of its activities, DF Operaciones y Montajes has decided to develop this project with the main purpose of developing the improvements and innovations that have been identified through experience in the field of Operation and Maintenance of a power plant, such as in the case of Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plants.

These improvements represent the ongoing progress of the traditional maintenance theories, mainly RCM (Reliability- centred maintenance) and TPM (Total productive maintenance).

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