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Study for the design and adaptation of hoisting equipment and accessories that improve productivity when assembling and installing combined cycle HRSGs 

Combined cycle power plants are a key element in the transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy generation system. These facilities use traditional steam turbines and gas turbines that convert the exhaust combustion gases into energy. Its impact is much lower to that of traditional thermal power plants.

The energy yield of a combined cycle power plant is estimated to be 22% more efficient than that of a thermal power plant, which also saves fuel, reduces emissions and the amount of on-demand work required.

One of the elements of the facility with the biggest impact on yield is the recovery boiler (HRSG - Heat Recovery Steam Generator), which must operate at different pressure levels, with the dual purpose of reducing its irreversibility and overcoming some restrictions that are inherent to its design and operation.

The aim of this project is to stop using cranes, which will allow Felguera Montajes y Mantenimiento to gain significant competitive advantage in the sector.

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