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Design of new insulation systems for salt storage systems in thermosolar power plants

DF Operaciones y Montajes will offer its products and services to the salt storage sector, since there are a series of technical limitations that are currently associated with their insulation that prevent them from operating correctly and which lead to repair and heavy maintenance task downtime. The tanks studied are large-scale containers used to store salts at temperatures of up to 386ºC. The main purpose of the tanks is to store the salts at these temperatures, so they are ready to be used when required. An improvement of the storage system will increase production and reduce energy production costs.

During the initial heating process of a salt tank, the shell is subject to heterogeneous expansion on different points, i.e., on different parts of the tank. The tank expands in the radial and vertical direction. Currently, there are no insulating solutions that adapt to the different movements, which damage these elements, requiring frequent stops to repair the tanks.

DF Operaciones y Montajes will develop a new salt tank insulation system that can adapt to its expansions, improving the availability of the tank and lengthening the useful life of the insulation elements.

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