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Research & Development

Duro Felguera has been deeply involved in research, development and innovation activities since its establishment 150 years ago, which has helped consolidate DF as one of the Spanish groups with the largest international presence. Some subsidiaries of the Group have their own research and development department, which is coordinated by the Head of R&D&i.

Duro Felguera's R&D&i activities focus on improving the Companys competitiveness with a firm commitment to quality, projects of a high technological value and geared towards developing new products and processes. Some of its most recent projects include the new bonded fixing systems for track equipment developed for DF Rail, the NALON N8 automated loading system for DF Sistemas Logísticos or the new sludge separator design developed by Duro Felguera Calderería Pesada.

Duro Felguera is a founding member of Polo del Acero, a non-profit business association which was established to promote innovation, technological development and research applied to steel production and transformation.




New design of a high-mobility biomass dryerImagen
Augmented Factory 4.0 (AF4) - Development of the cyber-physical augmented reality system for real-time decision-making support in processing industriesImagen
IB! 16-832 SYSTEM-EP: Remote low-cost medicine system to diagnose lung diseases Imagen 
New forklift design for warehouse automation purposes (Meiras)Imagen
New sludge separator design with the application of cutting-edge techniques and materials Imagen
New platform design for repair work on blast furnace hearthsImagen
Design of new insulation systems for salt storage systems in thermosolar power plantsImagen
Study for the optimisation of salt tank insulation processes in thermosolar power plantsImagen
Design of an automatic universal truck loading system for multiple docks under improved safety conditionsImagen
RFID machinery and tool identification and traceability system (ITR)Imagen
Improvement of the design, construction and operation of delayed coking units under extreme environmental conditionsImagen
New universal shuttle car design, which can be adapted to existing shelving systems and integrated with automatic warehouses operated with stacker cranesImagen 
Augmented reality application for mobile devices, tourism information managers and citizensImagen 
Logistics Follow-Up System for the Pharmaceutical Industry Imagen 
Study and analysis of thermoformable materials with a high elastic limit as an alternative to quenched and tempered materials (Q+T)Imagen 
Optimisation of the design of new solutions for hydrocarbon processing plantsImagen 
Design of new welding processes for iron and steel industry equipment manufactured in Creusabro® and subject to highly abrasive conditionsImagen 
Study for the design and adaptation of hoisting equipment and accessories that improve productivity when assembling and installing combined cycle HRSGsImagen 
Study for the improvement of the comprehensive maintenance efficiency of a combined cycle power plantImagen 
Optimisation of the design of welding joints for CrMoV materials (Gr-P91), with the purpose of improving the useful life of power plantsImagen 
Technological development of CO2 reduction, capture and fixation processes in conventional termal power plants (MENOS CO2)Imagen 
Study and analysis of the influence of resilience values in filler materials with welding beads used to weld materials with a high elastic limit and thickness, subject to post-welding heat treatmentsImagen 
Development of new production processes for the manufacture and supply of large equipment (welding and finishing large outside vessels)   Imagen
Project: C5i_CHILE Consortium                                                                                


Business consolidation and growth ICT_CCE3 Imagen 
TIC_CCE2 Business consolidation and growth                                          


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