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Financial Information

Average supplier payment period

Law 15/2010 of 5 July establishes a maximum payment period of 60 days for companies to pay their suppliers as from 1 January 2013, in accordance with Transitional Provision Two of that law.

In accordance with the Resolution of 29 January 2016 of the Spanish Institute of Accounting and Accounts Auditing (ICAC) regarding disclosures in the notes to financial statements in relation to the average supplier payment period in commercial transactions, the required information is as follows:

Average supplier payment period 239.01190.42
Ratio of transactions paid177.19118.90
Ratio of transactions outstanding439.19353.47

Total payments made                             180,203198,122
Total payments outstanding 55,653 86,897

The calculation of the average period for payment to suppliers would be 157 days if we were to exclude the Djelfa project, for which the memorandum of understanding has yet to be signed in the form of an addendum to the contract, and also a supplier under the Termocentro project, with whom a back-to-back mirror contract has been signed. 

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