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Duro Felguera successfully completes work on the Al Zour LNG terminal in Kuwait

Felguera IHI, a subsidiary specialising in fuel storage plants, LNG storage tanks and storage equipment, has carried out the PMC works of the tanks

The clients Wood and Kipic have expressed their satisfaction with the execution of the works by the Spanish company

The project in which DF has been working for the last six years makes the Al Zour refinery the largest LNG storage and regasification plant in the world

Tuesday, 17 May 2022. Duro Felguera has announced the completion of its works in the construction of eight liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanks in Kuwait, in the Al Zour petrochemical complex, with a capacity of 225,000 m3 each (diameter 96 m, height 45 m). It is the refinery with the largest LNG storage and regasification capacity in the world, with the most demanding environmental standards, and the first permanent LNG import plant in Kuwait. 

Felguera-IHI, a subsidiary of Duro Felguera specialising in fuel storage plants, LNG storage tanks and storage equipment, completed on 28 April the service it has been providing over the last six years to Wood, the PMC of the entire project, and to Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (Kipic), the end customer. Both clients have expressed their satisfaction with Duro Felguera's work in the construction of the eight storage tanks.

Felguera-IHI has provided service with its specialised personnel both remotely and on site, in a first offshore stage between May 2016 and May 2019 where the control of all the engineering part was carried out, and a second on shore stage from October 2017 to April 2022 in which it has provided personnel for the monitoring and control of the tank work, from construction to pre-commissioning and commissioning.

The cooling and commissioning of Phase I of the project (four tanks and the regasification plant) was completed in September 2021, since when the regasification plant has been in operation. In December 2021, the cooling and start-up of Phase II (four remaining tanks) was completed. In 2022, the performance tests and boil off rate tests of the tanks was completed. The plant is currently in normal operation with its full storage capacity available and operational.

Al Zour aerial view

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