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Integrated Handling and Storage Solutions for Corrugated Board Production Plants

WIP automated storage and retrieval system for corrugated cardboard

Automatic Vertical Storage System for Corrugated Cardboard Sheets, capable of storing several stacks at different heights in the minimum storage area.

This storage system allows locating different reference units in single cells, each one independent and accessible directly from racking aisles, facilitating immediate and swift delivery of the material to
converting processes.

FG automated storage and retrieval system for finished products.

Able to store loaded pallets, the automated vertical warehouse for finished goods completes DF’s overall logistics solutions, enabling DF to be the unique supplier of a comprehensive solution for the corrugated cardboard industry.

The main advantage of the vertical warehouse for palletized loads is being able to operate a completely automated system without any human intervention and with a high diversity of loads over pallets of a wide range of quality and dimensions.

This uniqueness is achieved thanks to dimensional and quality control systems that are complemented by improvements of the manipulation and storage systems.

The installation is equipped with systems for detection, such as pallet quality control, dimensional control and for stacking up on a slave pallet.

International Paper – WIP and FG warehouses in Villalbilla – Madrid (España)
Cartonnage Lammerant – WIP Warehouse (Bélgica)
Grupo Hinojosa (Vegabaja) – WIP warehouse in Alicante (Spain)